SoyeonYi - SSP09

sokolAstronaut and ISU Alumn!

My space flight in 2008 was really the big changing point of my whole life. From the astronaut selection process until now, I could earn many precious experiences and still I am getting more and more. The most important mission of my space flight was 18 scientific experiments that were assigned by the government. Except experiments, since I should do so many performances during my 10-day stay, I had a very tight schedule.

Of course, even the tight schedule was also an amazing experience and gave me a great chance to promote myself. After my flight, I had so many presentations and lectures for public including students. Since my background is mechanical engineering, not space, I do not know much about space. However, common people and students expect that astronauts know all about space. So sometimes I felt a little uncomfortable when a small kid asked me about space in detail after my presentation and could not understand why I could not answer well.

Therefore I realized that I needed to study about space, which led me to the International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP). During the SSP, I worked with space professionals from all over the world and learned various space things.

My team project at ISU had scientists, engineers and lawyers (and similar) from nineteen different countries. We looked at ways in which space can help to provide environmentally-sustainable energy for people on Earth. I had a wonderful time at ISU. It was incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally and I have made many new friends.