Space Policy Session for International Space University MSS17

Robert Gevargiz, a Master of Space Studies MSS 17 participant reports on a recent Space Policy Session led by Dr. Vasilis Zervos, ISU resident faculty in economics and space policy.

spacepolicy2“MSS students were treated to a series of lectures to honour the memory of the late Prof. Nikolai Tolyarenko.  His long-term service to the International Space Univeristy (ISU) was celebrated with impressive talks given by representatives from space faring nations and organisations.   

The Galaxy lecture room the ‘MSS intellectual launch vehicle’ was on standby for a spectacular lift off.  Students were joined by visitors including the Consulate of the Republic of Serbia.  

After an introduction by Dr Zervos, Day 1 got underway with a talk by Tim Tawney of NASA, Yoshio Tokaku of JAXA and Gongling Sun of CASC.  Each speaker presented the space policy of their respective countries, the United States, Japan and China.  

Day 2 lectures were by Christina Giannopapa of ESA, Dr Francis Chisea of Nigeria Space Agency and Dmitry Payson of Russia’s United Rocket and Space Corporation.   

The evidence presented by the speakers showed that Space Policy was an important strategy in the overall development of their countries’ economies regardless of size.  Space was seen as an enabler for meeting wider socio-political aims, especially in the developing economies. The United States was pursuing an active policy of commercialising its space activities. It was also shown that space activities were making a significant contribution to economic development, directly and from indirect spin offs.”