Reddy Shock Tube donated to ISU by Professor Reddy

Thanks to the generosity of Professor Reddy, Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shockwave Research (LHSR), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, the International Space University (ISU) now has a new research tool, the “Reddy Shock Tube”.  

ISU resident faculty, prof. Hugh Hill said: “This apparatus was ‘hand-delivered’ to ISU by Dr. Bhala Siveraman MSS 2004 of the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad.  It is unique in France and will allow ISU faculty, students and participants to conduct a number of experiments involving shock waves, e.g. the effects of these hypersonic waves on minerals.”

reddyshocktube2The staff was invited to a demonstration of the “Reddy Shock Tube” in ISU’s Electronics Laboratory. Prof. Hill first explained how this one-meter-long instrument travelled from India to France – simply in Dr. Siveraman’s hand-held cabin luggage of course!

Dr. Siveraman showed the different parts of this very simple, inexpensive and though revolutionary apparatus: the plunger, the diaphragm and shock tube.  He then proceeded to the so-called “candle experiment” whereby staff members would have the opportunity to take part and push the plunger, with great force.

“Be prepared for a loud “bang”!” said prof. Hill, before the candle got blown out by the waves generated by the Reddy Shock Tube.

The Reddy Shock Tube is fundamentally simple and its genius is that its unique design is suited to both Education and to Research.  In addition, it's one of the very few research tools in the world, which requires ZERO maintenance.  For universities with limited resources, this represents a unique proposition.  Professor Reddy's pragmatic brilliance is internationally acknowledged and an inspiration for young Indian scientists and engineers.