ISU MSS18 Internship Stories : Wenjing Hu at Northern Sky Research, France

This week, MSS18 Wenjing Hu reports from Northern Sky Research (NSR): “I am currently carrying out my internship in NSR France, based in Strasbourg, France, however, I am working with NSR analysts from all over the world.

My background is in engineering and I have worked in the space industry for several years. NSR opens a door for me and enables me to walk towards an “imaginative trailblazer” in a new field beside pure technical ones. I am currently working on a satellite-based cloud computing market research. I believe my internship experience will not only develop my strategic way of thinking but also improve my ability to solve problems in a systematic and down-to-earth way.
I do learn a lot from analysts in NSR. Their efficient way of organizing, professional working attitude, and logical way of thinking have inspired me to the constant pursue of an ultimate professional spirit in my career.”

NSR is a longstanding partner of the International Space University (ISU), involved in teaching for the Master of Space Studies, the Space Studies Program and the Executive Space Course. A special thank you goes to MSS99 alumnus Claude Rousseau, an adjunct faculty of ISU and the NSR France research director, who is playing an important role in hosting MSS students for their internships for several years now already. Many ISU alumni are currently also working for NSR. Wenjing Hu’s internship is only one example of the fruitful collaboration between the two institutions!

The last module of ISU's Master of Space Studies (MSS) program is a three-month internship that ISU students carry out in space agencies, space companies, start-ups, universities and other space-related organizations.
ISU MSS students are working all over the world, gaining valuable skills in many different environments, on many different types of projects.

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Photo Credit: Wenjing Hu, ISU MSS18 student in Strasbourg