Mohamed Makthoum ISU MSS16 reports from COMEX Marseille

“I am currently undertaking my internship at COMEX, Marseille - France and at LIQUIFER Systems Group, Vienna - Austria. Dr. Peter Weiss and Dr. Barbara Imhof are my mentors.

Dr. Peter Weiss is the Space and Innovation Division Manager. He is also the Co-founder of the Hong Kong Space Association and President of Powersea SAS. Dr. Barbara Imhof is one of the few prominently active space architects. She is the Co-founder and Managing Director of LIQUIFER System Group and an alumna of ISU (MSS 97). For my internship

I will be working on the RegoLight and MOONWALK projects.

RegoLight Project: In order to establish a permanent base on the Moon, it would be a novel approach to build the human tended base using available in-situ resources, more specifically only the lunar soil and the sun. The Regolight project deals with developing a mission scenario for establishing a permanent Moon base utilizing In-situ resource and to increase the technology readiness level of solar sintering additive manufacturing technology.

MOONWALK Project started in September 2013. The goal of the MOONWALK project is to develop and test technologies and training procedures for future human missions to Moon and Mars.”


MOONWALK Pool Simulation