Master of Space Studies Space Policy Days at ISU

The interdisciplinary curriculum of ISU’s Master of Space Studies program includes a focus on space policy. Mr. Aravind Ravichandran an MSS18 participant shares his view on recent debates and interactions designed to provide an in-depth understanding of what shapes current and future space activities around the world.

“Tuesday, 5th December and Wednesday, 6th December saw two sessions dedicated to Space Policy named ‘Space Policy Days.’ They were aptly split up geographically, with Monday’s morning session focussing on Asia - specifically Japan’s and China’s policies and Tuesday’s session focusing on Europe’s and the US’s policies.

The sessions started with presentations from the representatives of the national space agencies of the countries: namely Mr Yoshiaki Kinoshita from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency office in Paris, ISU resident faculty Prof Gongling Sun, who has previously worked in at the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Dr Christina Giannopapa, Head of the Political Affairs Office at the European Space Agency (ESA), and Mr Timothy Tawney who represents National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the Office of International and Interagency Relations, Paris.

Both the sessions ended with an engaging panel discussion, with plenty of interesting questions including the relationship between the politics in the US and the NASA space policy, the political affairs of European countries in the ESA space policy and the like, efficiently moderated by ISU resident faculty Prof Vasilis Zervos. Another chance to network with significant delegates for the MSS18 participants. Thanks, ISU!”