Maouchun Zhai reports on ISU MSS internship at Beihang University

The International Space University (ISU) has established a strong relationship with Beihang University, previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Beihang was the host of the Space Studies Program in 2007. This is where Maouchun Zhai is carrying out the MSS17 internship.

“I’m doing my internship in Beihang University which is one of the highest ranking engineering universities in China. It is a member of China’s Project 211 and Project 985 group of key state universities which means it is supported strongly by the Chinese government. It has produced many famous scientists and engineers and most of them have contributed a lot to the China’s Shen Zhou spacecraft and Long March rocket.

I feel really proud that I have the opportunity to learn something in Beihang University. My internship mentor is Professor Zhou Hao who is a specialist in aerodynamics. He has a lot of spacecraft design experience. He showed me his design on the Shen Zhou spacecraft reentry on the first day when I began my internship and it astonished me and inspired me to work on the spacecraft or satellite design in the future. So now I have some work on spacecraft reentry calculation. I am also doing some research on joint use of unmanned systems which is my interest after our team project on drones’ application.

I cherish the opportunity of doing my internship at Beihang University. I hope all of us could harvest a lot in our internships and be qualified graduates!”