Lin Burke, a strong ISU supporter, passed away

Today, 1st September 2016, we were informed that Lin Burke, the spouse of ISU friend Dr. Jim Burke, passed away after a long period of illness, in their house.

Lin participated in ISU Space Studies sessions since 1989, originating the English support classes. Later she continued to assist in editing the Team Projects and was always ready to help several generations of ISU students.

Carolin Burke (which we all knew better as Lin) was trained as a teacher, specialized in children’s music and dancing in accordance with the principles of the German composer Carl Orff, well known for his masterwork Carmina Burana. He got later very interested in dancing. He established a number of principles for children performances, which Lin was implementing with her well-known enthusiasm.

This also inspired her to get interested in dancing in microgravity, which she practiced in Parabolic flights on board of a Boeing 727.

She was married to Jim Burke since 1950. They have together five children and three grandchildren.

ISU is very grateful for all her support over all these years, and is sure that a lot of alumni will remember her kindness and help!

Our thoughts are evidently with our friend Jim and his family in these difficult hours. We can assure them that Lin will never be forgotten in the ISU family.