What Really Happened at that ISU MSS18 Robotics Competition

What really happened at that ISU MSS18 Robotics Competition you’ve heard so much about related by Rishank Singh, a Master of Space Studies (MSS18) participant…

“Continuing the tradition at the International Space University, ISU, the robotics competition was held successfully this year as well. The class of MSS18 was divided into 7 groups with 6-7 team members per group. Like every year, the competition was held under the supervision of Professor Yoshida of Tohoku University, who came all the way from Japan to Strasbourg for the competition and Professor Hugh Hill of ISU. The teams were assigned task of designing, constructing and programming a rover using LEGO Mindstorms NXT toolkit, capable of picking up the gems.


Gems of various colours were laid on the floor along with the obstacles. Each gem collected resulted in certain number of points and hitting the obstacles resulted in deduction of points.
The area of the action was 4.8m*4.8m and the margin was painted white. The rover had to detect the margin and prevent itself from crossing the white line. The starting point was 30cm*30 cm box and mobility of the rover was programmed into a NXT microcontroller.


The rover named ‘Wolverine’ constructed by team ‘Project X’ aka team 4 was the winner of this year’s competition. The hard work of 3 days culminated into fruitful results and the rover earned 540 points.

The rover moved smoothly detecting every obstacle in its way and collected good number of gems. More than that the students got good experience of working in an international and intercultural team and getting a glimpse of the amount of brainstorming required to build a rover.

Image: Winning Rover 'Wolverine'