Welcome to the new International Space University apple tree!

From now on International Space University’s Master of Space Studies 2016 (MSS16) promotion will definitely leave a print at the heart of the International Space University.

Everything began with a small apple tree, brought by the MSS student Martina Russitano Lanza during ISU’s Open Day, on 13rd March 2016. Originally used to illustrate her workshop dealing with the Newton’s Apple topic, the apple tree is now planted in a tiny verdant plot close to ISU’s Building. The idea was to celebrate this year’s MSS promotion, and obviously keep the tree as a symbol of their passage at ISU.

By the way, a Russian tradition requires that astronauts should plant a tree right before leaving for a space mission, in order to avoid any trouble during their flight. Let’s trust this apple tree will also bring luck to all the ISU hopeful future astronauts!