Veena Shelvankar an ISU MSS intern at NASA Ames Research Center

“My internship is taking place at the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California for a period of three months.

The area in which I am currently working is the Robust Software Engineering technical area, based on SMART- NAS, a project that develops air traffic management assessment and protective measures to invest in alternative approaches to reduce air traffic risks, including necessary validation and integration of such systems as a crucial aspect.

Dr. Misty Davies, the leader of the Systems Thinking, Architecture and Collaboration (STAC) group and a Computer Research Engineer at NASA Ames is my mentor, under whose skilled and experienced guidance I am researching on translating system-level requirements from a systems modeling tool to an implementable format. Working with the domain experts in making the requirements precise and aiding in the creation of integration-level tests as a proof-of-concept, have enabled me in acquiring quality knowledge in exploring early stages of project development within a testbed team.

Adam King, Anushree Soni, Adrian Babis, Carlos Utrilla, Joseph Christensen, Ruslan Skomorohov, Kamalanathan Kaspar and Sema Husseyin, are eight other students of the MSS16 class interning along with me, in various different departments at the NASA Ames Research Center.”


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