The International Space University Respects Private Data Handling

Based upon recent events on how private data are used and related to the GDPR, some of the alumni have expressed some concerns due to this publicity and hype around Data Protection. ISU has taken the lead and is already quite advanced on this - alumni can rest assured.

A few examples of steps taken amongst others:

  • The databases are well password protected and only accessible for a number of permanent key employees
  • You have a permanent access to the contact information we have on file for you, for consultation or modification
  • The newsletter is only sent to those alumni who agreed upon receiving this
  • Some alumni have asked not to be on distribution lists. This request has been respected in all cases
  • Key personnel handling data are now following special GDPR courses, and we plan to extend these information sessions.

ISU is gradually increasing its alumni information, due to the fact that tracking of recent alumni is now followed up more strictly, making the ISU community enlarge significantly and allowing this way a high level professional interaction within the space world. Retracing some alumni from the pre-email times, even with the help of classmates, still proves to be challenging. We will continue to contact you on a regular basis to keep ISU network as much reliable as possible.

However, ISU reassures  you that all necessary steps are being taken to ensure that those data are kept well under control and will not be transferred to third parties without your explicit consent. As the aforementioned regulation implicitly requires such consent, we will initiate individual emails to all concerned so that you can implement your right to not receive newsletters or any other information from ISU.