The International Space University expands its offering in USA

Under impulse of ISU alumni Erika Wagner (SSP01) and Ofer Lapid (SSP08), the International Space University organizes a one-week session in Seattle, at the Museum of Flight.

The content of the course is mirrored upon the successful one-week Executive Space Course (ESC) which takes place at the International Space University central campus yearly. It is intended to better reach out to the interested community of the United States of America.

Space activities in Seattle were strongly linked initially mainly to Boeing. The then-Seattle-based company built the first stage of the Saturn V rocket used to launch Apollo missions, and lunar roving vehicles, an example of which is on display at the Museum of Flight, were built at the Boeing Space Center in Kent; three of them are still parked on the moon.

Recently Seattle has been gaining a reputation in the field of New Space, with companies such as Blue Origin (created by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos), Planetary Resources and  Spaceflight Industries, just to name a few.

There is therefore a strong revival of space activities in the area, and a hi-potential for such space course.

Registration for the course is open till 11 September 2016 included, and there are still some places available. So for all Seattle and US based alumni a unique chance to encourage their space colleagues to get more familiar with ISU!

More information about ESC Seattle and registration