The Aerospace Corporation and ISU Sign a MOU Announcing Closer Cooperation

At the occasion of the ISU's recent Board of Trustees meeting, a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) was signed between both organisations in the presence of Dr. D. Bearden, Member of the ISU Board representing The Aerospace Corporation.

Both being non-profit organizations, many fields of synergy and potential cooperation could be explored under this agreement, such as:

-    Conduct research projects of common interest,
-    Detachment of The Aerospace Corporation staff to participate in course delivery in the ISU programs,
-    Accommodation of Master of Space Studies program interns in The Aerospace Corporation,
-    Sending of The Aerospace Corporation staff to the different ISU programs.
As Prof. Peeters, ISU President stated:

“This agreement opens another opportunity for ISU to work together with an important space entity in the US space sector and is part of the ISU strategy to intensify its links with the USA.”

Dr. Bearden, General Manager at The Aerospace Corporation added to this:

“Aerospace has enjoyed a relationship with ISU over the years and a number of our employees have benefitted from participation in ISU’s programs.  We look forward to increasing our collaboration with this MOU.”

The MOU will be implemented from 2016 onwards and is valid initially for 5 years, in which period without any doubt the mutual relation will further foster and grow.


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