SSP17 Arthur C Clarke panelist interviewed by Daniel Sackey

Daniel Sackey an alumnus of the Space Studies Program 2016, currently a Space Management and Business teaching associate at SSP17 hosted by CIT in Cork Ireland, interviewed his SSP16 classmate Nahum in the framework of the Arthur C Clarke, ISU’s first chancellor, panel.

ACClarke2SSP16 Nahum was one of the panelist on the Arthur C Clarke panel. This panel celebrates the intersection of space and popular culture, in the same way that Arthur Clarke's works popularized space to the general public. This panel invites practitioners from different cultural areas to share how space has inspired their work. Clarke also led a workshop entitled after Federov which encouraged participants to think about alternative rationales for space missions, to let go of conventional thinking and go beyond the limitation of existing concepts and ideals to create their own personal space programs. The panel was moderated by Prof. Chris Welch, director of ISU’s Master of Space Studies program. Panelists included Kathryn Denning, Nahum (Romero Zamora), Alastair Reynolds and Melanie King. Participants presented many interesting ideas including a love story as a space rational, peace, the quest to live forever, and a dream to go to visit Titan.

Daniel: So Nahum, what is Art?

Nahum: Academics have spent centuries trying to figure out what Art is. Art is always changing. You cannot say that of 500 years ago is the same as today. It is a way of communicating ideas. Critical, poetic and why not also beautiful ways. It doesn’t always need to have these 3 elements. It is about presenting ideas through an experience. Because art is presented. And in that presentation it requires, people, a participant an audience. And it is with this encounter that something is communicated. So I think that is the main thing about art. Art has been changing. Agin art in the past was only about beauty. Today it is not. It is also about critical content, you know. It can be political, it can be about new ideas, it could be about so many things. So it is very difficult to put into one sentence. There are books that write endlessly about it. That is a good thing. Art creates discussion.

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Daniel Sackey is a mechanical engineer who studied at the University of Sussex and Aerospace Engineering at Brunel University. He is passionate about Space, Aeronautics and Robotics. His interest in public speaking also led him to develop a mobile application called Orattr which helps people practice speeches and presentations.

Nahum (Romero Zamora) is an artist and musician based in Berlin. His work focuses on using Outer Space Technologies and magic strategies to create extreme perspectives. In 2014, Nahum was recognized as a Young Space Leader by the International Astronautical Federation for his cultural contributions to outer space. He is a graduate of the International Space University where he has been a visiting lecturer since 2016. Nahum is the founder and Director of Kosmica an international series of festivals and event about the cultural aspects of outer space. Kosmica has had 20 editions in countries including the Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Belgium.

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