Paul Iliffe ISU MSS16 student reporting on his internship at Inmarsat, London UK

I am undertaking my internship at Inmarsat, which is a provider of global Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and serves government, aviation, maritime, and enterprise market segments.

My internship is taking place at the headquarters, which are in central London, UK, right by the central business district known as “The City of London”.

I am working with the Service Assurance Problem Management team, which is responsible for measuring and improving the user experience for users of Inmarsat’s satellite communications. The team is an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary team and so fits well with the ISU philosophy. The team conducts data analysis to solve connection issues and to improve the customer usage of the services.

Within this team my project will focus on the understanding of the customer experience, analyzing data connectivity, and producing reports that will assist in improving the service. My first few days have already been busy. My first two days were spent in a workshop with one of Inmarsat’s aviation partners, during which we worked on assessing connectivity issues, using detailed data sets to help us. The rest of the week has been spent on learning about satellite communications, including the high-level architectures and some of the system details.