New ISU Scholarships thanks to Alumni Payback

In previous academic years, more than 1200 applicants inquired about studying at the International Space University (ISU).

shssp16 1Rather rapidly, applicants from e.g. emerging countries realized that due to the lack of scholarship support in those countries, they would have to considerably contribute themselves which, in view of the local economic situation, was far beyond their financial possibilities or those of their families.

This brought ISU to the idea of starting a system of voluntary payback by alumni, of the financial aid they received and enabled them to study at ISU. And as well, in many occasions, start a successful career in the space sector.

New scholarships are now available to applicants for the majority of ISU programs thanks to the payback from alumni.

The first payback scholarships under this scheme were granted for SSP 2014 and are now starting to be reimbursed as alumni are entering the work space market and can afford paying back through very soft conditions.

The full amounts of the paybacks under this scheme are exclusively transformed into scholarship funds to help current ISU candidates, in particular those of emerging space countries, in line with ISU’s 3I philosophy.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the alumni for their support to the next generations of ISU graduates. A list of these donors can be found HERE and will be updated regularly.

Note that these donations will, in most countries, also be eligible for tax deduction, in particular through the TGE system, where ISU is accepted as a partner.

Helping others to fulfil their dreams in the space sector is part of the ISU spirit!