Laudatio Prof. Nikolai Tolyarenko on 2nd February 2016

In view of the presence at ISU’s central campus of both the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council members, as well as the widow of Prof. Nikolai Tolyarenko and his daughter, a solemn event was organized, in the form of a laudatio, respectful of Russian traditions for high-level academics.

Short statements were made by the chairman of the BOT, the chairwoman of the AC and the vice-chair, and a representative of the faculty and staff. Also, a present student of Prof. Tolyarenko spoke on behalf of the Master of Space Studies (MSS16) class.

NT2The event was moderated by the ISU president, Prof. Walter Peeters, who invited afterwards all participants to have a classical toast with “little water” (Russian translation: vodka).
In order to leave a clear sign of recognition, the staff of ISU had prepared a very nice compilation of pictures of Nikolai and testimonies from several sources.

On a positive note, it was a nice surprise to learn that there was a possibility that the grandson of Prof. Tolyarenko, finishing his undergraduate studies this year, would envisage joining the ISU master class in Strasbourg, evidently provided that an appropriate scholarship support could be established.

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