International Space University welcomes new Faculty

Based upon the decision of ISU’s Academic Council (AC), endorsed by the CARE:
- All existing faculty and adjunct faculty in ISU have been confirmed,
- A number of new faculty have been approved, namely:

As ISU Faculty:

- V. Damann (Life Sciences)

As ISU Adjunct Faculty:

- J. Babb (Engineering)
- P. Clerc (Policy and Law)
- C. Johnson (Policy and Law)
- O. Lapid (Engineering)
- Z. Lu (Law)
- F. Spiero (Science)
- D. Stupar (Space Applications)

It is interesting to note that all Adjunct Faculty are ISU alumni, with a good distribution over the different areas, a good age distribution and a good gender distribution, although there are still efforts done by the program directors to optimize this point further.
In view of the approval cycles in the organizations and therefore the lead time between the approval and the official notification, the AC has taken steps to transfer to a more proactive procedure.
ISU is pleased to welcome this new faculty!