ISU Professor J.J.Favier celebrates 20 years spaceflight

Today, 20 years ago, on 20 June 1996, Dr. Jean-Jacques Favier started his mission as astronaut on board of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

He logged 17 days in orbit on the STS78/LMS mission as science astronaut, whereby LMS stands for Life and Microgravity Spacelab, the European research module docked in the Shuttle Bay.

favier newpicVery unique is the fact that he was able to fly the MEPHISTO instrument on board which he had developed himself as a researcher at CEA (Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique), and which provided a lot of knowledge in the field of material sciences, also for terrestrial applications.

In the first place the students from the International Space University (ISU) benefit from his experience in the field of microgravity research. Indeed, appointed as director of the ISU research programs, the arrival of J.J. Favier has boosted research in this unique establishment.

It has also brought him back to his roots as the only Alsatian astronaut till now.

ISU warmly congratulates Jean Jacques Favier with this exceptionnal 20 years birthday !