ISU MSS18 Learning to Design an Effective Poster

ISU alumni know that being able to design an effective poster is a useful and important skill to possess. Hence, several of them came and supported this year’s Master of Space Studies (MSS) group assignment led by the International Space University ’s (ISU) resident faculty Professor Hugh Hill.

MSS16 alumnus Alec Bartos, an award-winning philatelic designer, accomplished painter, graphic illustrator and designer of the MMARS1 research project visuals, travelled all the way from Romania to share his experience. He also provided the seven MSS18 teams with practical tips, such as the type of font to use and determination of the focal point of this poster. The topic this year was “The History of Cosmology”.

All students eagerly integrated Alec’s recommendations. As MSS18 candidate, Sabrina Alam, commented: “…the most difficult assignment, because only very few of my classmates know certain design software skills like Photoshop. And everyone has their own idea of what this poster should look like!”. Sabrina’s undergraduate degree in theoretical physics and some previous work based on her favorite cosmologist, Vera Cooper Rubin, an American astronomer who pioneered work on galaxy rotation rates, greatly helped the team in compiling the poster!

Josue Joshua Lalonde, also an MSS18 candidate, agreed with Sabrina: “This is an interesting however not an easy assignment! We made several drafts before agreeing on the final version”.

ISU’s Prof. Hugh Hill who is leading the 16th edition of this assignment said: “This year we added a new design and marketing element to the poster. It consists of a QR (Quick Response) code which allows one to easily access additional information about the poster, on a Google document in this instance.”

MSS18 candidate, Vincent Delayat, approves of this addition to the design: “a QR code is visually nicer than a long URL or other link. And (it) provides the reader of the poster with more information on the topic.”

The five alumni Judges consisted of:

•    MSS10 Dr. Emmanouil Detsis
•    MSS13, MSS15B Danijela Ignjatovic Stupar (Research Associate)
•    MSS15 Brian Ramos
•    MSS16 Alec Bartos
•    MSS17 candidate, Robert Gevargiz

The Judges categorically stated that the level of the competition which was very high last year, was even higher this year!
Two teams were awarded joint first prize: “Is the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) the most important astronomical telescope to date?” and “The Legacy of Edwin Hubble”. Josue was delighted to find out that his team’s poster on the HST was one of them. Likewise, Vincent and his team rejoiced with the announcement that their poster on Edwin Hubble’s legacy was the joint winner.

Congratulations to both teams!

Further pictures of the poster competition