International Space University MSS18 Class on a Remote Sensing Trip

The International Space University (ISU) encourages the creation and expansion of knowledge and the exchange and dissemination of ideas in all fields of space. ISU students had a good chance to get information and more practice during a recent trip about Remote Sensing.

On Saturday 7th October 2017, MSS18 students started their trip and left the university with ISU faculty members by bus towards the first destination, until reaching the ‘Rosheim Area’.

MSS18 Students Engaged in Field Studies

MSS18 students started enjoying the beautiful Vosges region and taking pictures, which began by visiting the Rosheim Romanesque Church and eating a nice breakfast at Bakery Rohmer place, and then started to conduct a ground verification exercise in remote sensing and GPS, and spent more than an hour working on the assignment by visiting different places in the Rosheim area.

MSS18 students moved towards the next destination ‘Mont Sainte-Odile’, Ottrott and started to carry out direct sensing of castles, convents, ancient walls, and enjoying, with amazing nature of the top of ‘Le Mont Sainte-Odile Est’.

A Scenic View of Mont Sainte-Odile

Student started figuring out and make connectivity between the locations with different scale of maps based on the assignment by using the field glasses, and the map what located at ‘Le Mont Sainte-Odile est’ to identify the desired locations and places, during the mission students also visited the Chapelle des ‘Anges’, ‘Larmes’ and took some pictures as well.

The bus left from ‘Mont Sainte-Odile’ with MSS18 students for a picnic and enjoying the lunch in the forest, and during the way from the forest to the Cave Metz, nice and funny pictures have been taken for the students in the bus. The trip ended with a wine testing at Cave Metz in Marlenheim. Finally, students returned back safely to ISU central campus.

At the end of this trip students had a good understanding of the relationship between different types of remote sensing data of the region, maps of different scales of the region. And that's how we would like to narrate a poem about this remote sensing field trip:

My coordinates are 0,0,0,0
and my movements on a single plane
stumbling upon lines and dots
which are grey, black and white.

Suddenly I raise my eyes
I see heat and water vapor.
I see vineyards and foggy lakes,
A river colored with wet earthy scents

Suddenly I turn my head around
I see a moment in which I was future
My coordinates are not 0,0,0,0
my paradigms are not secured

Each lens reveals a new world
that our actions have drawn
and I wonder which color do we use now to draw?

Blog: Rami Ibrahim
Pictures: Omkar Nikam
Poem: Rene Michel