ISU MSS17 Pablo A. Calla G. Reports from SES

“ I’m currently on my third month of internship at Société Européenne des Satellites (SES), which is a world leading satellite operator who provides communications across the globe.“

As an electronic engineer, with previous knowledge in satellite Power Systems, I was very lucky to be able to join the Power/Thermal Survivability Section in the Spacecraft Engineering Department, working alongside experienced and outgoing engineers who have welcomed me to the team. The Spacecraft Engineering Department focuses mainly on the satellite operations that involve controlling and monitoring the SES fleet, which is composed of Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites.

Within Power and Thermal control, SES has developed its own tools for monitoring and modeling these subsystems. However, given the nature of their fleet, which involves different satellites and different platforms, the tools developed for each satellite are different from each other and try to satisfy the needs of a specific spacecraft. This allowed the creation of several different software tools that perform almost the same tasks. Therefore, my internship goal is the creation of an interface for an existing tool that can be expanded for different satellites and platforms as one of the attempts to unify and standardize activities among SES’s operation centers around the globe.    

SES is a company that gathers people from different backgrounds and nationalities to work together and promotes their interaction. This helps build better relations between coworkers and creates integration. In my opinion, people that work in SES experience a very good working environment and gain a lot of knowledge in satellite business.”