ISU MSS17 Class learning about Security and Space

Alyssa Frayling, a Master of Space Studies (MSS17) student writes about a Security Theme Day provided to her class on the 6th October 2016. It was dedicated this year to Professor Nikolay Tolyarenko, former faculty member and MSS Director.

The session was run by Professor Vasilis Zervos, joined by Dr Philippe Achilleas, Director of the Institute of Space and Telecommunications Law (IDEST) and Board Member of the European Center for Space Law (ECSL), and Dr Xavier Pasco from the Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS).

The morning was kicked off by Professor Zervos covering the economic and policy aspects of strategic and tactical space security, followed by an overview of Professor Tolyarenko’s slides about Global Security Structures and Systems.

Dr Achilleas followed with an explanation of the legal issues surrounding space weaponization, such as how it fits into space law, and what the current legal framework is surrounding disarmament.

Dr Pasco – whom the students had had the pleasure of meeting the previous day with a lecture on political factors for space programmes – rounded off the talks with a presentation about policy and security in Europe and the World.

The session ended in a lively panel discussion covering such topics as: whether one can own property or place laser weapons on the moon, if there are any known weapons in space (“Yes, plenty” was the immediate response!) and discussing the legalities and political issues surrounding “zombiesats”.

More about the MSS program can be found HERE.