ISU MSS16 Graduation and MSS17 Opening Ceremony

As it is now a tradition, a combined ceremony took place at the International Space University (ISU) Central Campus on 8 September 2016. A majority of the Master of Space Studies Program, MSS16 class graduated (two cum laude). A number of students are still completing their internships and will graduate in December 2016.

In addition, two students were awarded their master degrees with thesis (one cum laude), after having completed a second, thesis year at ISU, supported by space organizations.

To conclude, around 40 participants of the new MSS17 class each presented themselves. They will be joined in a few weeks by more students who have just completed ISU’s 2016 Space Studies Program.

Three distinguished speakers addressed the audience, covering a number of different space fields:

  • Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund, who was also installed as Vice-Chancellor of ISU, explained the activities of the German Space Agency which she has now been leading for one year,
  • Mr. Larry Price, involved since the beginning in the Orion project of Lockheed Martin, represented the vision of the large space companies,
  • Ms. Catherine Trautmann, Vice-President of Eurometropole, confirmed the strong desire to further develop ISU in Strasbourg and the wish to support start-up companies in the building.

As the MSS Director, Prof. Welch, stated:

"ISU is proud of the achievements of the MSS16 class and is very pleased to have launched them on their new trajectories. We expect great things from them. We also welcome the MSS17 class and look forward to helping them achieve their potential in ISU’s unique international, intercultural and interdisciplinary way."