ISU MSS15 Avishek Ghosh taking part in NASA’s Project PoSSUM

Project PoSSUM (Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere) is the first manned suborbital research program. ISU MSS15 alumnus Avishek Ghosh is taking part in this NASA supported research.

avishek2Avishek Ghosh said:

“Humans have always had the prospect of adventure, to explore and discover new frontiers.  The inquisitiveness has plunged humans into travelling the vast cosmic ocean and reach towards infinity to discover or settle life on other planets. Space exploration is challenging, but it is worth pursuing dreams with passion.

In my assessment, Space is another frontier to explore and develop technology, which could be beneficial to humankind as well as transforming other planets into a habitable zone and sustain under extreme weather and atmosphere. But it is also important to explore and perform extensive research on the Earth’s atmosphere to understand planetary protection.

I am instigated for having a real life experience with Project PoSSUM’s distinctive organized program which includes interacting with modern instruments, monitoring systems, handling and analyzing collected data. The areas of my overall research goals are always to tackle and execute scientific and technical assessment and my objective at PoSSUM is to observe and understand the factors resulting effects on our climate; associated with earth’s upper atmosphere which is subsequently a region between ground and space environment. During this session I am getting comprehensive instructions on Noctilucent Cloud Science and research methods, Hypoxia Awareness and Mitigation, Spacesuit Operations, High-G Analog and Mitigation Methods, Aerospace Physiology & Life Support Systems, Remote Sensing and Aerospace Cinematography, Spaceflight Simulation and Operations, Fundamentals of Celestial Navigation.

During this session, I have the opportunity to absolute spot-on indemnifying factors associated with human spaceflight and perform in depth evaluation with the help of modern instruments which would also be beneficial for improving my professional skills for STEM education and Public Outreach even leading the endeavor as an astronaut aspirant.”

Project PoSSUM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit suborbital research and education program devoted to the study of our upper atmosphere and the role it plays in the understanding of our global climate.

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