ISU Master of Space Studies Poster Competition – 15th Edition

Learning to design an effective poster is just another skill that ISU students develop during the Master of Space Studies (MSS) program. It can in turn help them qualify for conference travel bursaries and prepare them to face future professional challenges.

ISU’s Prof. Hugh Hill who is leading this assignment said:

“This poster competition has been running continuously since 2002. We added a new element to this 15th edition. Students will be carrying out research on a topic linked to Astrobiology. They will then design a clear, academically rigorous and attractive poster suitable for an Astrobiology and Outreach conference, a Science Education conference or an appropriate session at the annual IAC meeting.”

This activity aims to gain an additional insight into astrobiology by undertaking research on a selected topic including, amongst others, “The future of SETI” and “Carl Sagan: the man and the legacy”.

Meredith Campbell, an MSS17 student really enjoyed working on this task:

“This assignment was not just about writing. It included design and visuals. Using a Microsoft software like Publisher allowed us all to work collectively on the design.” Although Meredith’s team did not come first, she concluded: “Presenting and defending the conference poster was a little nerve wracking. It was a fun and enjoyable activity from which we learnt a lot”.

The jury was composed of astronomy and biology experts, Prof. Hill (ISU), Chaitra Koragappa (of MSS15 and now working at Strasbourg Observatory) and Prof. Volker Damann (ISU).  They stated that the level of the competition was very high this year. And, for the first time in fifteen years, two teams were awarded joint first prize: “Searching for life on Mars: present and future endeavors” and ‘The Future of SETI”. 

Congratulations to both teams!

mss poster competition2