ISU lost an early strong supporter: Dr. Nicolas Matte

With deep regret the International Space University was informed that one of its early Canadian supporters, Dr. Nicolas Mateesco Matte, passed away on 13 April.

Born in Romania, Dr. Matte obtained doctorate degrees in law, respectively from the University of Bucharest as well as from the University in Paris. He then became a worldwide-known specialist in Air Law, and later in Space Law, first working in France and later moving over to live and work in Quebec. He became Professor in Law at the University of Montreal, and was appointed as Director of the McGill Institute of Air and Space Law from 1976-1999.

As an internationalist, it was a logical step for Dr. Matte to get involved in ISU from the time of its foundation onwards, and he served as Member of the ISU Board and was very active in the Canadian Foundation for ISU (CFISU). The ISU community has known him as an outstanding person and a great scholar and extends its condolences to his children and grand-children in Quebec, Canada.