ISU Introduces an Updated Harassment Policy

The rapid development of information technologies has led to a number of difficulties in forecasting potential abuses, as the recent worldwide cyberattacks have again proven. A similar effect is taking place in the use of social media, leading to new forms of mobbing.

Also, in view of lessons learnt from the present policy (in particular in terms of the process), the Board of Trustees of ISU has unanimously decided to initiate an overall revision of the harassment policy in place at ISU.

As the Chairman of the Board explains:

"ISU is an international intercultural environment where people meet with different backgrounds. It is important that ISU provides an environment where all can feel safe, secure and free from harassment. The board has recognized this, and has asked the President to develop a zero-tolerance policy which uses international best practices.  He has been asked to update and expand ISU’s previous harassment policy, and ensure it applies to all persons involved in the ISU programs. In light of the importance of this issue, and to lead by example, the board has also agreed unanimously to be bound itself by this new policy."

In order to reach this objective, the ISU President nominated a group of experts. In a first instance this group compared different policies applied in a number of universities worldwide. Out of this analysis a policy was developed which was then validated by obtaining legal review and advice from counsel.
The result of this work is now in force at ISU and will be implemented in all programs. The implementation process was successfully applied as a test-case during SH-SSP17 and is now implemented in the SSP17 Handbook.
Thanks to the outstanding work of the aforementioned expert group, ISU now has a policy that reflects the state of the art in this field!