ISU co-founder Peter Diamandis visits ISU and meets staff and students

On 19 September 2017, the International Space University’s (ISU) founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, accompanied by Planetary Resources CEO Chris Lewicky and Luxembourg Space Resources Board member Georges Schmit, visited ISU and addressed the MSS18 students in two inspiring lectures.

Showing the very positive societal world trends, based upon factual data, Peter Diamandis challenged the students to try to look at potential markets for the future, even if the technology was still under development, stressing the fact that several billions of people would have access to internet and space data in the very near future.

After an informal meeting with the MSS18 class, Peter had a meeting with the ISU staff before getting an overview of ongoing activities in ISU and research projects. He was very pleased to see how his vision was of ISU was still developing further and admired the different results of student and research projects he discovered in ISU. He strongly encouraged to continue this track and to offer students more activities leading to tangible results.
As a memory of his visit, he was offered an engraved medal from ISU, which he promised to prominently display in his office.

peter diamandis medal

The meeting was concluded with the excellent news that Planetary Resources was hiring staff at its newly opened Luxembourg office and was looking for ISU alumni as candidates. Also the possibility to involve Master of Space Studies (MSS) students in these activities, e.g. as interns, was elaborated.
Peter promised to return more frequently to the booming ISU campus, also looking forward to the start of incubator activities in the building.