ISU Central Campus Cosmodrome for MSS17 Rocket Launch

“Pyat’, Tchityri, Tri, Dva, Adin, Pusk“ set the scene for ISU’s Master of Space Studies (MSS17) rocket launch! This ninth edition is dedicated to Prof. Nikolay Tolyarenko, former faculty and MSS Director.

The objectives of this competition were to reach an altitude of 100 meters and to bring back safely a quail’s egg. The rockets also included a camera and altimeter – all to be brought down in good shape! Prachi Kawade, an MSS17 student with a background in aeronautics engineering said: “I have done water rockets before. This is different. I found it most interesting to work together as a team.” Prachi is part of the winning team, called “Per aspera Ad Astra” which means “cross the obstacles and reach the stars”. Prof. Tolyarenko’s widow, Mrs Eugenia Tolyarenko and her daughter honored the students by their presence. Prachi and her team mates later received a prize for the outstanding performance from the hands of Mrs Tolyarenko.
The MSS rocketry workshop was initiated in 2007 by ISU Prof. Hugh Hill. Special thanks go to MSS14 alumnus Adrian Eilingsfeld, a PhD student who shared his valuable experience with the current MSS class and Pierre Scheidecker whose rocket launch accreditation allows those launches into the Strasbourgeois sky!

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