ISU announces its inaugural North American Executive Space Course

ISU is bringing its acclaimed annual Executive Space Course (ESC) to the United States. The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA will host the program from 3 to 7 October 2016, in concert with local universities and aerospace businesses.

The Executive Space Course examines current space and space-related activities, and explains the technology, science, business, and regulatory environment, along with the national and international policies upon which each phase of a space program or mission is based. It also explores timely topics such as commercial spaceflight and emerging markets in Earth orbit and beyond.

Taught from an international perspective by ISU faculty and guest lecturers this week of intense programming will expose participants to the interdisciplinary, international and intercultural learning environment of the International Space University and the space sector. Notable industry professionals will conduct lectures and experiential learning with workshops and case studies, proving you an informed glimpse into the industry. A challenging capstone system design exercise will offer you an opportunity to apply your recently acquired skills.

In addition to the course, participants will benefit by having access to the Museum’s impressive collection of space reference material, a world-class collection of artefacts and simulators, and an opportunity to tour local labs and companies.

“We are excited to bring our Executive Space Course to Seattle, an emerging hub for commercial space ventures. The Museum of Flight, one of the world’s foremost educational air and space museums, the center for thought leadership and growth of the space sector in the Pacific Northwest is the right location for this course” said ISU President Prof. Walter Peeters.

Museum of Flight CEO Doug King responded: “We were so honored to be selected by ISU to expand their Executive Space Course beyond Europe.  This is an especially natural next step in Seattle’s growing space industry, following on the heels of so many new space jobs, ventures, and conferences here in town.”

The announcement of the launch of this course has symbolically been done at a Space Frontier Foundation event, NewSpace 2016, Seattle, USA.

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