Research and Graduate Certificate Opportunities for ISU Alumni

Strengthening ties between ISU and UniSA have enabled five graduates of SH-SSP16 to take advantage of an international network of space experts to pursue an exciting range of space-related research projects.

ISU Faculty members based in Europe and North America will guide the individual research projects over the next four months. The projects will involve proposing innovative solutions to problems in the fields of space medical science, space law, space biology, advanced propulsion and advanced remote sensing. (The topics and supervisors are listed below.) Successful completion of these projects will lead to the award by UniSA of a Graduate Certificate in Space Studies.

UniSA course director and ISU Faculty member, Associate Professor David Bruce, said “Participation in the Graduate Certificate enables participants to explore in detail space topics or problems of deep interest stimulated by their ISU studies. They can also use the Graduate Certificate as an entrée to Masters programs such as the ISU Master of Space Studies and further research studies at Master’s or PhD levels.”

Participation in the Graduate Certificate in Space Studies is open to ISU graduates from both northern (SSP) and southern hemisphere programs (SH-SSP). ISU President, Professor Walter Peeters, added that ISU was delighted to facilitate the selection of the international experts. “This is a further example of the mutual benefits of the long-standing collaboration between the two universities that has led to Adelaide hosting seven ISU sessions over the past 12 years. The decision by UniSA to make its Graduate Certificate accessible to all ISU SH-SSP and SSP graduates is a welcome further step in the unique international partnership between UniSA and ISU.”

At the Closing Ceremony of this year’s Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program, the Vice-Chancellor of UniSA, Professor David Lloyd, endorsed the collaboration with ISU and announced the continuation of the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program in Adelaide in January 2017. This will launch a historic year for Adelaide in the realm of space with the International Aeronautical Congress being held there in the following September.

The next SH-SSP session is scheduled for 9 January to 10 February 2017. The residential component of the Graduate Certificate course in Adelaide Australia will run from 13 to 15 February 2017. Registrations of interest from SSP alumni are now being accepted.

Projects and supervisors:

  • Current challenges facing space borne hyperspectral remote sensing imaging and their potential solutions: Dr Su-Yin Tan (Waterloo University , Canada)
  • Medical management of the risk of appendicitis in extreme environment expeditioners (on Earth and in space) – prevention, prophylaxis and treatment: Dr Volker Daman MD, (International Space University, France)
  • Plant growth requirements for Martian environments: Dr Chris McKay (NASA Ames, USA)
  • Interpreting ‘the province of all mankind’ in light of subsequent practice: Prof Ram Jakhu (McGill University, Canada)
  • Optimizing rocket engine design for reusability: Dr Angie Bukley and Mr Greg Meholic (Aerospace Corporation, USA)


Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP):

UniSA Graduate Certificate in Space Studies:

Further information:

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