Groupama Grand Est supports research in ISU via a unique sponsorship agreement

On 7 March, a presentation took place in ISU describing the earlier and further steps of the MMARS1 project, which is now on board the International Space Station (ISS) safely stored and waiting to be activated.

In the presence of Eurometropolis of Strasbourg President Mr. Herrmann, Eurometropolis Vice-President Ms. Trautmann and the University of Strasbourg (UniStra) Vice-President Ms C. Roy, the unique Public Private Partnership (PPP) context of this experiment was reminded by ISU President Prof. W. Peeters and ISU Director of Research Programs, Prof. J.J. Favier.
mmars groupama2Illustrated with pictures and videos, the launch on board Falcon9 and the docking with ISS of the project was described by Prof. N. Matt, both professor at (UniStra) and Vice-President at the Eurometropolis and Prof. J.J. Favier, who both were present at the launch pad. Joined also by a Space X Director and ISU MSS16 and MSS17 with thesis Paul Wohrer!

The scientific aspects of this experiment and its role in a better understanding of potential life on Mars was then explained by Prof. S. Vuilleumier, professor at UniStra and in charge of the CNRS research team in the field of microbiology, during a round table with all major actors.

An important element of the evening was the signature of an agreement with Groupama Grand Est, represented by its Director-General Mr. O. Larcher.

This agreement extended even more the PPP aspect of this experiment, involving two Strasbourg located Universities and Airbus Space, a major aerospace company, with the financial backing of the Eurometropolis and now also Groupama Grand Est. The objective of this additional funding is to prepare a second iteration of the experiment, based upon the results obtained from MMARS1.