European Union Satellite Centre SatCen Management visits ISU

Linked to a visit with ISU’s partner SERTIT, the management of the European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) gave a presentation of its activities at the International Space University (ISU) on 23rd June 2016.

satcen2The EU Satellite Centre, located in Torrejon de Ardoz, near Madrid, has built a very strong reputation in providing analyses of space imagery and geospatial services mainly to EU customers, Member States and international organizations. Hence its close connection with the SErvice Regional de Traitement d’Image et de Teledection (SERTIT), a platform of the University of Strasbourg’s  ICube laboratory, aiming to extract and format information from image data produced by Earth Observation, and the search for synergy.
In addition to this, SatCen is also becoming increasingly involved in Copernicus activities, as was explained by Dr. D. Bruckert in a presentation.

Evidently an additional incentive for such visit was the fact that General P. Legai, now Director of the Centre, is an SSP alumnus as indeed he participated in the SSP98 session in Cleveland, USA.

He was very pleasantly impressed by the ISU facilities and expansion, after a tour in the building, and very interested in the several training possibilities which the different ISU programs provide.

It was a pleasure for ISU to meet one of its very successful alumni and an important decision maker in the space community!