Changes in the composition of ISU’s Academic Council 2016

As the term of a number of Academic Council (AC) members of the International Space University (ISU) expired, a new election was organized. Under the leadership of the present AC Chairperson, Su-Yin Tan, the procedure was streamlined, which strongly improved the flow of the process.

The process was managed very competently as always by ISU staff Member Didier Guillaume.

As a result of this election process:

- The term of two elected members, Lucy Stojak and Gary Martin, was extended with a second term as member,
- Two new members were elected, namely Carol Carnett and Olga Zhdanovich.

At the same time welcoming both new members, the ISU community wishes to express its thanks to the outgoing AC Members Ed Chester and Jean-Jacques Favier, who both made a strong contribution on ISU’s academic standing and activities!

The Academic Council also re-elected Su-Yin Tan and Juan de Dalmau as chairpersons for the next period.

As such, the composition of the Academic Council is presently:

Su-Yin Tan, Chairperson
Juan de Dalmau, Vice-Chairperson
Carol Carnett, member
Adil Jafry, member
John Logsdon, member
Gary Martin, member
Lucy Stojak, member
Vasilis Zervos, member
Olga Zhdanovich, member

ISU is looking forward to a positive cooperation with the new AC Team!