Binge Read the Latest on Space Economics and Commerce at IISC

The International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC) approves the largest release of papers on space commerce and space economics in history for free on line.

‘Binge read the latest on space economics and commerce at the International Institute of Space Commerce’.  
The International Institute of Space Commerce has today made public the largest archive and release of papers on space commerce and the economics of space in history available from its web site at no charge.

Over forty (40) papers have been released from the Isle of Man based think tank covering topics as diverse as open source commerce on the International Space Station and space tourism on through to the Google Lunar X Prize to the $300 billion a year satellite communications industry.
Institute Executive Director, Dr. Walter Peeters said:

“These papers are unique in nature and written by some of the most leading personalities in the field of space economics and policy. They are therefore essential for a better knowledge of the New Space Economy and a clear illustration of the vision of IISC as an independent think-tank serving this sector.”

Institute Chair, Alex Downie O.B.E. said:

“I feel privileged to chair such a group of internationally acclaimed space industry specialists, who give their time on a voluntary basis to further the best interests of the international institute of space commerce and actively encourage young people to consider making the space and satellite industry their future career.”

The International Institute of Space Commerce is the world’s leading nonpartisan think-tank dedicated to the study of the business, economics, and commerce of space.
Our goal is to transform the global discussion on space commerce working to solve the issues it faces today and tomorrow by driving forward the conversation with a marketplace of new ideas by providing this home for the exchange, discussion, and creation of new ideas in space commerce.

For a list of all titles please click HERE.