Airbus Defence and Space Germany welcomes ISU MSS17 class

Siddharth Kumar Narendra Shihora, an ISU MSS17 participant, reports on a recent professional visit of the class to Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Germany.

airbus2016“Our Space journey within the Airbus Defence and Space visit began with a lecture on the Rosetta Probe by the EX-Rosetta Project Manager, where we further learned about the interdisciplinary nature of the space industry and how it plays a key role in achieving a successful mission.

The next destination of our journey was a lecture by the Systems Engineer of BepiColombo, the 1st European mission to Mercury. In this lecture, we were provided with high levels of technical details of the mission and the challenges that persist with getting to mercury.

The last leg of our intellectual journey was highly exciting, it fostered the desire of sustainability in space and getting back to the moon with the desire to set up a sustainable colony utilising in-situ resources.

Being feet’s away from satellites that are bound to go to space, aroused the ’WOW’ feeling of how close we (MSS17 Group) were to space during the Airbus Defence & Space visit.

The visit further strengthened our motivation of being a part of the vast space industry, with the clean room of Airbus Defence and Space being an important tool of motivation.

The opportunity to network with ISU Alumni now working in various technical and non-technical departments was also one of the highlights of this visit.”