KARI and ISU sign a cooperative agreement at Le Bourget

At the occasion of the Airshow at Le Bourget, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and the International Space University signed on 19 June 2017 an agreement covering several potential fields of common cooperation.

KARI is a Korean government funded institution and conducts national Research & Development programs and activities in the field of aeronautics and space. Consequently, the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) foresees the possibility for internships of ISU students, participation of KARI staff in ISU educational programs and collaboration in research.

The MOU was signed by the Dr. Gwang-Rae Cho, President of KARI and Prof. W. Peeters on behalf of ISU.

The agreement was initiated as a result of a visit of Prof. J.J. Favier, Director of research programs at ISU, as participant of a delegation visiting KARI earlier this year.

On the basis of his interaction with KARI Prof. Favier explained the interest as:

“I was impressed during my visit by the KARI infrastructure. It was immediately clear to me that this would be an excellent place for MSS students to do internships but also to run cooperative research programs. In particular KARI research is very advanced in the fields of remote sensing and has an ambitious national program on lunar exploration, which will complement other international initiatives. Cooperative research with ISU may be fruitful in these fields.”

Implementation of the agreement is now the next step, and the MSS18 students will be offered this amazing internship opportunity for next year.