ISU welcomes secondary school interns as part of STEM

“This internship not only provided me with a lot of information about space but it also gave me a good insight on how a not for profit university is run” said Victor a ninth grader from a local secondary school. He is one of three students currently interning at the International Space University’s (ISU) central campus.

Each year ISU welcomes about 5 interns who get a taste of what it is like to work in space education. Cecile Paradon, Human Resources Manager adds:

“Interns at ISU aren’t just making copies. They follow a protocol whereby they discover each unit, IT, recruitment, finance, etc. And actively take part in daily activities.”

interns2Victor was delighted to have the opportunity to disassemble and rebuild a computer. Justine who found this internship through the ISU website was delighted to be in an English speaking environment. And Micha is thrilled to be surrounded by sciences, especially related to space. Even though he is only 13 years old, he is determined to one day carrying out a PhD in sciences. Some determination that he might get from his mother, a Master of Space Studies MSS17 participant!

In addition to getting exposed to space in general, interns get a few other enviable benefits. One of the perks is to spend one whole hour with a resident astronaut. An element which makes the internship report even more interesting.

The Space Studies Program SSP12 team project entitled “Space and STEM: one giant leap for education” discusses how space can contribute to global STEM education. It is also part of ISU’s mission to educate younger students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines in an interdisciplinary approach.