ISU welcomes new 2016 Faculty Nominations

At the last meeting of the International Space University Academic Council, a number of Faculty nominations were proposed and endorsed unanimously by the Council.

After corresponding with the candidates and obtaining of the necessary approvals, where applicable, it is a pleasure to announce the following confirmed new, or promoted, members of the College of Teachers in ISU, in accordance with the stipulations of chapter III of the Academic Handbook:

Nominated to Faculty Emeritus:

- Gilles Clement

Promoted to Faculty of ISU:

- Ruth McAvinia
- Junjiro Nakahara
- Barnaby Osborne
- Norah Patten

Nominated as Adjunct Faculty of ISU:

- Merryl Azriel
- Katharina Eriksson
- Lesley Grady
- Kris Lehnhardt
- Madhu Thangavelu
- Diego Urbina

In particular the larger diversification in terms of gender and geographical distribution is a strong asset for ISU with these new nominations.

ISU welcomes all aforementioned to the ISU College of Teachers and strongly counts on their continued contributions in their respective areas of expertise.