ISU under STEAM more than 1200 attending the Open Day

In order to further motivate, in particular, youngsters, the staff of ISU and the MSS students organized an open door day on 25 March 2018. Several activities were organized in the ISU building with as objective, to stimulate the younger generation under the STEAM motto (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Workshops were animated by staff and students, to increase interest in Space in the local community. More than 1000 visitors enjoyed the explanations and demonstrations - such as the children oriented observatorium or mobile planetarium animated by post doctorate students from the university of Strasbourg thanks to the Jardin des Sciences, and first contacts with astronomy. Claude Nicollier, ESA astronaut, gave a number of presentations related to the spectacular Hubble space telescope repair mission in which he played a paramount role. The rockets of the local rocketry club “la federations des maisons de la jeunesse et de la culture d’Alsace” reached vertiginous heights! The artistic note was given by performances of the young students of Prof. Geiss, the Avena Quartett, with his own contributions on the saxophone.




Supported by 35 huge 8 m2 panels distributed in the area, with the strong support of the Eurometropole, it was made sure that the event did not only gain a lot of public interest but also did strongly contribute to outreach of ISU in the region.




It is clear that in particular the young public enjoyed the displays and had plenty of questions. Thanks to the transnational ISU location, also several visitors from Germany and Switzerland were noted.

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