ISU SSP18 Career Management Strategies Program - Aim High and Get There

One of ISU’s goals is to promote its alumni to the best positions at the best companies within the space industry. During SSP18, Neta Vizel launched a new program providing participants with an updated, innovative strategy and tools to effectively manage their career.

An elective workshop and personal counselling sessions on career management were offered in order for the participants to:

1. Get familiar with the future of work and the new Space
2. Submit professional self-assessment
3. Learn how to submit industry research
4. Learn how to establish a personal brand
5. Learn how to generate career opportunities
6. Learn how to submit a smart application to companies
7. Practice effective self-presentation

The Career Management program was led by Neta Vizel, organizational consultant with 15 years' experience in human resources management and organizational development from global and international companies, high-tech, startups and academy. Neta was also the local host director of the SSP16 in Haifa Israel. Today she is working as an HR Director and Organizational consultant, mentoring CEOs and managers in their role and help them build great companies with satisfied and productive employees.

A recent study showed that 85% of all open positions are hidden and do not get published at all. The major change happening in the labor market is that we no longer have a chair in an employer’s office but rather a need of someone who’s looking for a solution.
Over the years, it's been proven that the most talented people get their jobs through networking. What's surprising is the fact that most companies still spend most of their hiring efforts using job postings.

Despite the obvious, job seekers should reverse this process and stop applying to job boards, shifting their efforts to gaining introductions through the backdoor.

So what has been changed within the labor market? The future of work is characterized with the following aspects:

1. Globalization: hiring the best person to do the job with no geographical barriers
2. Technology: bots and big data are getting in to core function of companies. Therefore some jobs become less required and new ones arise.
3. A successful organization is expected to present not just financial profit but to provide value to the community and its employees
4. There is a significant increase in hiring freelancers for positions that used to be occupied by salaried employees
5. Generation Y- The millennials became a major part of the labor market and bring an amazing characteristic; they want a job with fun, meaning and money all in one- and it’s possible!

Also, the space sector is going through critical changes moving to the new space/entrepreneurial space/ astropreneurship/commercial space.

The new space is a globally emerging, private spaceflight industry.
Relatively new, distinctly commercially minded, aerospace companies and ventures working to independently develop faster, better, and cheaper access to space, spaceflight technologies, and overall space missions.

All those aspects make the space industry more and more dynamic. this requires job seekers to implement new strategies which will enable them to generate career opportunities through people.
Career management is not something you do only once you lose your job or planning to switch jobs. To maximize your profits, you must develop your professional and social networks while you’re still working.

Make the effort now in order to extend and deepen your network so that next time you will be looking for a job, everyone will know you and your value already and all you will have to do is to let some people know, publish some posts…and a large amount of people will already work for you to generate the most quality opportunities.

ISU alumni - dream big, aim high and get there.