ISU SSP17 Final Presentations - Outstanding Results

“A New Vision: The future of the ISS”, “Astropreneurs – The Galactic Guide to Space Entrepreneurship”, “ARESS – A Roadmap for Emerging Space States”, “NetSpace – The Internet of Things and Future Applications for Energy and Space” are SSP17 Team Projects.

Each participant of the Space Studies Program is assigned to a team project (TP) among his/her three preferences during the first week of the program. And will work on that topic for the duration of the program.

Camilo Reyes SSP16 alumnus and SSP17 library assistant reports on the team project phase. “We are finishing week nine of the Space Studies Program 2017, in the Cork Institute of Technology. The last nine weeks have been pretty intense. This week especially, since we have been setting up the final reports and executive summaries from the four Team Projects:

• The Future of the International Space Station (ISS)
• Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystem for Space: Handbook on How to Start Your Own Space Company
• Roadmaps and Strategies for National Space Sector: Capacity Building
• The Future of the Internet of Things and Its Applicability to Space and Energy

Participants have had a great experience working together on these projects during the past month, but last three weeks have been intense in terms of research work for these team projects. And the results: four amazing documents that will be used in the industry to lead future projects that will empower humanity in space endeavors, like this manual on how to start your own space company (guide for Space StartUps), or a roadmap for countries aiming to start their space program. All these final works reflect the importance of having an interdisciplinary, intercultural and international team.

Final presentations
This is maybe the most awaited day of the summer. Participants have been working hard on those projects, and you can feel it in the environment. The night before, they were setting up the final details. Everything has to be perfect!

Big day
On August 24th, early morning, participants were in the Rory Galager Theater at the Cork Institute of Technology where the final presentations were taking place. Astropreneurs were first on stage, followed by NetSpace, ARESS and ISS. All presentations were fantastic, they show key topics for the space industry, and participants performed as real characters!

Team Astropreneurs performed as if they were launching a new brand, which was excellent. This was the first time at SSP that a team project made a new website, along with a manual, on how people can create and start their business in the space Industry.
ISU SSP17 TP Astropreneurs
If you are interested on getting in touch with this team of spaceentrepreneurs, follow them at @astropreneursHQ, and don’t hesitate to take a look at their brand new website:

Team NetSpace, showed really critical key points on working with the Internet of Things (IoT), such as tsunamis alerts, operations in the International Space Station or planetary exploration. They also talked about how important the relation between IoT and satellite data communication for current human operations is. The peak of their presentation was their business case - using Oil Pipeline Safety.

Team ISS, focused their summer on the study case of: What’s next for the ISS on 2024? Well, participants discussed and brainstormed about what the space agencies can do with the space infrastructure that represents the peak of human civilization. So, during their presentation, their show consisted in a constructive and entertaining discussion, highlighting what they believe should be done with the International Space Station. At the end, we were all delighted with a “galactic” performance by Stephanie Mottershead.

Team ARESS, worked on an important topic for emerging space nations: How to start their space program? What to do? What is the first step to take? What’s the best way to follow? Team ARESS focused their work on those key questions.

A special thank you to NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate who sponsored the “A New Vision: The future of the ISS” TP and SHELL Projects and Technologies who supported “NetSpace – The Internet of Things and Future Applications for Energy and Space”.

All presentations were webcast live, allowing the ISU community and sponsors to watch in real time. Videos of ISU TP presentations are available via ISU’s YouTube channel -

The executive summaries and full reports of all ISU programs are available through ISU’s online resources page -