International Space University’s Strong Proponent Honored in France

Catherine Trautmann has been a strong proponent to locate ISU in Strasbourg, in her – then – function of mayor of the city. She has also been very active in other fields, in particular in the field of transport and management of the Port activities.

In general, she demonstrated a very visionary view and has realized early that a change towards new technologies in the area was necessary, illustrated by the Parc d’Innovation concept where ISU is located.

This did not go unnoted and it was therefore no surprise that she has been promoted in the French Légion d’Honneur to the rank of officer.

The formal event took place on 11 May 2019, where she received her official medal from another well-known figure in Strasbourg, Bernard Roth, himself Commander in the Légion.

The event took place in the Art Café, in the museum for modern art, in Strasbourg in the presence of some 150 guests from the political, economic and association world in Strasbourg. Also Universities were well represented, in particular the University of Strasbourg UniSTRA and the International Space University ISU, which have a special link with Catherine Trautmann.

Also this museum location was very symbolic in view of her affinity for art and culture and her driving force to promote both in Strasbourg.