MSS18 Internship stories: James Hurrell and Kunal Naik at Tohoku University

“Myself and Kunal have just arrived and initiated our internships at Tohoku University in the beautiful city of Sendai in Japan. We are interning in the Space Robotics Laboratory which is the part of Aerospace Engineering Department. We join colleagues William Jones and David Rodriguez (MSS15) PhD. researchers in the Laboratory.

This is thanks to Professor Yoshida and his team; he is an incredibly busy but an inspiring individual, who is an honor to work with. The teams here are intrinsic to the ispace ambition to provide long term commercial access to the Moon.

I am part of the Terramechanics team interested in the interaction of lunar regolith with a rover/lander system, utilizing the discrete element method to simulate this interaction verified by laboratory experiments, while Kunal is part of the Rover team. Design and development of dual tether system for Lunar Skylight Exploration is his research and development project. His work is to do research on various tether materials, design and develop the tether system, assemble, integrate and test with the Koguma rover. Our international and Japanese colleges are very welcoming and a privilege to work with.

The country of Japan is astounding, the stark natural beauty aligns with the efficiency, punctuality, kindness and cleanliness of the cities, in a working environment where we have never before felt so motivated yet relaxed and at peace.” James Hurrell, International Space University MSS18 student.

ISU MSS18 internship stories: students spread out all over the world. The last module of ISU's Master of Space Studies (MSS) program is a three-month internship that ISU students carry out in space agencies, space companies, start-ups, universities and other space-related organizations.

ISU MSS students are working all over the world, gaining valuable skills in many different environments, on many different types of projects. More stories coming over the next few weeks!

Photo: Prof. Kazuya Yoshida surrounded by MSS18 students James Hurrell (left) and Kunal Naik (right) among other students