ISU MSS17 participant Hatem Hussein reports from Tohoku University

Prof. Kazuya Yoshida from Tohoku University, also a faculty member of the International Space University, has been welcoming ISU Master of Space Studies participants for their internships over the last decade. Hatem Hussein is thankful for this opportunity and reports as follows.

internship hussein2“I’m currently doing my summer internship in the Space Robotics Lab at Tohoku University located in Sendai, Japan. Japan is one of the leading countries in the fields of technology and robotics.

I came here to expand my knowledge and gain new skills whilst contributing to an exciting project as an architect and robot designer. The internship is providing me with the opportunity to work with one of Japan's leading experts in the field of space robotics - Professor Kazuya Yoshida.

The project I’m working on is the development of a space exploration climbing robot, which has a biologically inspired design with “spine grippers”, which will allow the robot to traverse extreme terrain such as lava tubes and craters on the Moon, Mars, and Earth.

My task is to further develop the gripping mechanism of the robot’s limbs, by including the capability of having an adjustable grip for various shapes of basalt rock. We already have started discussing different concepts, the next step is to begin 3D digital modelling and simulations, followed by 3D printing and building the limbs.

The last phase will be to assess the performance of the new gripper design in a test field that simulates lunar terrain. By the end of this internship, I’m confident that this opportunity will improve my design skills as a future space architect/robotics designer.

So far, I have learnt a lot and I’m sure that the near future will hold much more for me.”