ISU MSS17 Jenna Tiwana reports from Inmarsat

Jenna Tiwana is carrying out her internship as part of the International Space University’s Master of Space Studies program at Inmarsat, the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications.

“I am currently completing my Internship at the British global satellite company, Inmarsat in their newly established Digital Office. I am based at Inmarsat HQ in Old Street London, UK, however currently working with Inmarsat employees from all over the world.

My background is in Aerospace Engineering, so having the ability to work in the Digital Office, fusing together my technical knowledge and the business acumen I am developing here is truly refreshing. I work closely with the Director of Digital Transformation and the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). I am currently conceptualising a new maritime market for Inmarsat to potentially enter into, as well as assisting the CDO in putting together a digital strategy to be adopted by Inmarsat worldwide.

The shared energy here at Inmarsat is inspiring, whether that is from celebrating the successful launch of one of our satellites together, or hearing from United Nations delegates about how our work helps save lives all over the world. I am definitely learning a great deal, whilst being given the unique opportunity as an intern to apply this to a project which no one is currently working on and that has the potential to revolutionise the industry.”