ISU MSS15 J. Bevington & B. Ramos Telling Us about their NASA HI SEAS Mission

HI SEAS V is a NASA program of long duration (seven and a half months) Martian mission simulation which recently ended. It was composed of a core team of six members including two ISU alumni – Master of Space Studies MSS15, James (Jay) Bevington was the commander and Brian Ramos the health and performance officer.

The two research topics they were working on included:
For Jay – Plant growth under simulated reduced gravity using a Clinostat, donated to ISU by the United Nations of Outer Space Affairs Office in Vienna. The crew ate the plantes!
Bryan –– tested a new process of scrubbing carbonic gas and producing oxygen in a confined habitat like the one at Hi SEAS.
They breathed the oxygen! This process could be very useful for maintaining oxygen and scrubbing CO2 in human exploration capsules during long duration mission for example.
Jay and Brian compiled a short video which describes well their research activities during this mission – watch to find out more

NASA HI SEAS Mission 02This process was developed by the DE ASTRIS GENERATION start up, co-funded by Angelico KARAVALOS, UTEP PhD student, and co-supervised by ISU Prof. Jean-Jacques FAVIER. This testing program on HI SEAS has been supported by the International Space University (ISU) and the University of El Paso (UTEP).
Research at ISU is now also becoming interplanetary – thanks to MSS15 Jay Bevington and Bryan Ramos!