ISU Keeps Strong Links with the Secure World Foundation

After having successfully managed and expanded its activities as President, Dr. Michael Simpson left ISU in 2011. He then took over the leadership as Executive Director of the Secure World Foundation (SWF). This foundation has taken as its objectives the following…

“The mission of the Secure World Foundation is to work with governments, industry, international organizations, and civil society to develop and promote ideas and actions to achieve the secure, sustainable, and peaceful uses of outer space benefiting Earth and all its peoples.”

In view of the obvious synergy with ISU’s objectives, cooperation between ISU and SWF was strengthened with support where appropriate to the ISU Team Projects contributing to these objectives. As an example, several team projects of the SH-SSP program in Adelaide were strongly supported by SWF staff (many of them ISU alumni).

Recently the Board of the Foundation has selected a new Executive Director, Dr. Peter Martinez, see the press release.

The choice of an ISU alumnus (SSP03) with a strong background in Space Policy looks very evident in view of the aforementioned objectives of the Foundation. ISU looks forward to continue the cooperation with SWF under this new management, in a similar way as the excellent relation with the previous Executive Director, Dr. Michael Simpson.